Karima Simone Hobbs. A video editor for WHDH-TV 7News in Boston, MA. I specialize in broadcast news and short-form work. I am well versed and highly skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and Edius Pro Editing.


Having earned a bachelors degree in Management from Howard University's School of Business, I didn't decide what my real passion was until shortly after graduation.

As I became more and more interested in editing (video and photo), I knew I wanted to pursue a career as a video editor, specializing in films. To hone my craft, I decided to  turn to alternative schooling - YouTube.

I watched tons of videos and worked on countless editing programs and apps. However, a self-taught candidate isn't always as appealing as someone with experience/education in the field.


Despite many years of being turned down for video editing positions because of my lack of experience, I never gave up. My perseverance finally paid off when WHDH took a chance on me, a move for which I will be eternally grateful!


The rest, as they say, is history...


One day, I have no doubt I'll see you in the movies.

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